Jesus perez


Jesús Pérez


Jesús Pérez is a Postdoc Researcher in Computer Graphics at the Visual Computing Lab (IST Austria) under the supervision of Bernd Bickel. His research focuses on physics-based animation and related application fields, mainly data-driven materials, computational design, and digital fabrication.

Jesús received his BSc in Software Engineering (2010) from Universidad de Oviedo. Then, he obtained an MSc on Artificial Intelligence (2012) from Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. During this period, he worked as a researcher at the Computational Intelligence Group, as a part of the Blue Brain Project. Later, he got an MSc on Computer Graphics, Games and Virtual Reality (2013) from URJC, where he later completed his PhD in Computer Graphics under the supervision of Miguel Otaduy (Multimodal Simulation Lab). During his PhD he worked as an intern at Disney Research Zurich.

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